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Most of the time we travel with loads of stuff that just doesn’t really fit our baggage allowance. This happened to everyone, we pack our bag for a holiday and quickly realised that it doesn’t all fit. So you start looking at your priorities, and peeling away unnecessary stuff. When it happens, every single thing matters. There are quite a few ways we can reduce the bulkiness of your luggage.

  • Start with unnecessary stuff, anything extra. Extra shoes, shirt, they all add up. Strip them off to the minimum, you can always add later if there’s room left.
  • Next on the list are the electronic items, if you really need them, then bring them but at least you can reduce the charger if you have this multi USB charger from  they can be a substitute for all USB chargers having 6 available sockets. Be it an iPhone, Samsung, Sony, any phone. It is so powerful, it can also charge tablets.
  • Its obvious, but a lot of people forget it, if you know you are buying a shirt / trousers  on your destination anyway, then deduct them from your stuff and wear those on your holiday.
  • If you know that there will be shampoo, conditioners, soap, in your hotel, remove them from your bag. Liquids are quite heavy, they can also accidentally spill to your clothes.
  • Travelling during the winter is the worse because of the bulky coats and jumpers. It’s a good idea to wear some of them when boarding. You can always take them off once you’re seated.

  • Continuing from above, coats usually have multiple pockets. Use them to get small items like pocket camera, power banks, etc.
  • Don’t worry about the weight of your luggage, unless you are struggling to drag them, they won’t even bother checking.
  • Avoid hardcase suitcase. It’s always a good thing to use a soft bag that can be compressed, they usually have a cage like box to test the size of your bag. If it fits, you’re alright.

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